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What goes into making Vanity by Design's bathroom vanities?

Carrara Marble

Naturally Sourced, Italian Carrara Marble

Our authentic, natural marble tops are sourced from Carrara, Italy. Carved from ancient mountains, each piece has its own texture, which is considered a true signature of authenticity.

Each piece is carefully selected by grade. We use the highest quality we can for each vanity. Each piece is then carefully cut, shaped, polished and sealed to size.

Our basins are affixed to the stone top with specialized, flexible glue specifically designed to withstand the most dramatic temperature variations.

Note: It's recommended to seal natural marble tops every 12 months with a stone protective sealer.

Solid Hardwood Oak

Ethically Sourced Hard Wood Oak

Each cabinet is individually handcrafted from start to finish, beginning with the careful selection of timber.

Our timber comes from environmentally-friendly, plantation farms that grow hardwood oak with the intentions of being harvested.

After being sourced, we then use our wood in all parts of our vanity, from the drawers to the cupboards and the outer shell. We utilize as much as we can by individually gluing, thickening and joining of each piece to create the doors and end panels.


Finishes & Hardware

Let's talk finishes. Our vanities are given 3 coats of paint and finish to lock in their vibrant hues. This also helps the vanity stand up to the everyday conditions of your home. We have a variety of colors available for your liking. Looking for a statement piece? Look at our Navy Blue, Jade Green and Black finishes! Finding something that will blend in? Can't beat a classic white. How about something neutral? We have Hampton Gray and Gray Gardens for your viewing.

We also specialize in bringing in some wood finishes. Inspired by Scandinavian design, we brought in our Natural Wood and Sable Wood finishes. We used clear coats and stains that are top-notch to help seal in that amazing wood grain.

You can't have an amazing bathroom vanity without talking about the hardware. That's like forgetting the jewelry to your amazing outfit! Our vanities are paired with trendy metal hardware that pairs with the color. We utilize chrome-plated and brass metal for our shell-shaped handles, elegant handles, and simple knobs. We also bring in leather accessories to our contemporary models for a touch of modern minimalism.

Color Samples

Color Samples!

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